Thursday, July 2, 2009

Homeless Michael

Everyday I pass-by Riverwalk, I saw a handsome man sit on a bunch. Once I talk to him, he told his story. He is a retired roofer. 62 years old. $5o0 a month social security is not enough for him, applied food card, $150 a month. He used to living in a man's living room, paid $300 a month. Because he was not happy with the owner's complain, so he moved out. He does not want to live in homeless shelter, so he choose somewhere else to sleep. He pays $30 a month for a self storage blocker where he put his stuff.One year before, he was heavily hurt at work, cost$150000 for hospital and became handicapped , applied benefits for handicapped,still waiting.He did not finish high school. At that time it was easy to get a job. He does labor all his life. He use to had two houses, married, now single, homeless. But he is worry free, has a peace mind.

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